Safety Information

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Mechanical/Physical hazard

Cutting tools and holders may fragment in use.

Metal chips can be very hot with sharp edges and should not be moved by hand. Chips can cause burns to the skin and damage to the eyes.

Make sure the insert and component are correctly secured in their holder before use, to prevent them coming loose during the process operation. Too much overhang can result in vibration and lead to tool damage/breakage.

Always wear appropriate safety equipment at all times and ensure all machine guards and safety interlocks are in place prior and during the operation. DO NOT USE any tool or product that shows signs of damage. Return the product to the appropriate location for repair, replacement or recycling.

Use all appropriate safety guards or machine encapsulations to securely collect particles such as chips or cutting elements that may spin off. Always use appropriate personal protective equipment.

Dust and mist hazard

Hardmetal products and tools should not be reground or sharpened without taking appropriate safety measures to contain dust and to prevent exposure to dust (e.g. ventilation and personal protection equipment). Operations such as grinding, cutting, burning and welding of hardmetal products may produce dust or fumes, which can be inhaled, swallowed or come in contact with the skin and eyes. Dust/mist may cause inflammation of the airways and irritate nose, throat, skin and eyes. Repeatedly inhaling high levels of hardmetal dust has been reported in publications to cause hardmetal disease (interstitial lung fibrosis). In a two-year study on rats and mice, inhalation of cobalt was shown to cause cancer.

Sensitizing hazard

Uncoated hardmetal products may cause an allergic skin reaction as a result of prolonged skin contact with the product. Handle in a way that avoids direct skin contact or use gloves to minimize the risk of an allergic skin reaction when handling hardmetal products and tools. Cobalt and hardmetal are known sensitizers having potential to cause allergy through repeated exposure. A sensitized person could react with asthmatic symptoms or eczema.

Always review and understand the Safety Data Sheet or Safety Information Sheet for the product you are using, before using the product.

Preventive measures

  • Avoid formation and inhalation of dust. Use adequate local exhaust ventilation to keep personal exposure below the nationally allowed limits.
  • If ventilation is not available or adequate, use nationally approved respirators for the purpose.
  • Avoid skin contact. Wear suitable gloves. Wash skin thoroughly after handling.
  • Use suitable protective clothing. Launder clothing as needed.
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke in the working area. Wash skin thoroughly before eating, drinking or smoking.
  • Use safety goggles or glasses with side shields when necessary.
  • Always wear appropriate safety equipment.
  • Only operate machinery when all necessary guards, interlocks and other safety devices are in place and functional.
  • DO NOT use or operate damaged tools or products.

Hardmetal Blank Safety Data Sheets

Product Warning Labels

EN: WARNING! Dust and Mist hazard: If shaping the product, use approved respirator as inhaling dust/mist could cause serious injury or death (permanent respiratory disease).

Flying fragment hazard: Product may shatter and could cause injury. Use personal protective equipment. Read safety information on our website.

WARNING: This product can expose you to cobalt and/or nickel, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

ES: ¡ADVERTENCIA! Peligro de niebla y polvo: si mecaniza el producto, use un equipo respiratorio homologado, ya que la inhalación de polvo o niebla puede causar serias lesiones o la muerte (enfermedad respiratoria permanente).

Peligro de proyección de fragmentos: el producto puede romperse y podría causar lesiones. Utilice equipo de protección individual. Lea la información de seguridad en nuestra página web.

ADVERTENCIA: Este producto puede exponerle al cobalto y/o níquel, sustancias reconocidas por el estado de California como causantes de cáncer. Para más información, consulte

DE: WARNUNG! Gefahr durch Nebel oder Staub: Verwenden Sie bei der Formgebung des Produkts eine genehmigte Atemschutzmaske, da das Einatmen von Staub/Nebel schwere oder tödliche Verletzungen verursachen kann (dauerhafte Atemwegserkrankung).

Splittergefahr: Das Produkt kann zerbrechen und Verletzungen verursachen. Verwenden Sie die persönliche Schutzausrüstung.

Lesen Sie die Sicherheitsinformationen auf unserer Website.

WARNUNG: Durch dieses Produkt können sie Kobalt und/oder Nickel ausgesetzt werden, welche dem US-Bundesstaat Kalifornien als Krebserregend bekannt sind. Für weitere Auskünfte, wenden Sie sich an

FR : AVERTISSEMENT! Danger lié à la poussière et aux brouillards : lorsque vous façonnez ou usinez le produit, utilisez un masque respiratoire adapté. En effet, l’inhalation de poussières / brouillard pourrait causer une blessure grave ou mortelle (maladie respiratoire permanente). Risques liés aux fragments : le produit peut se briser et peut provoquer des blessures. Utiliser des équipements de protection individuelle adaptés.

Consulter les informations liées à la sécurité sur notre site Web.

AVERTISSEMENT: Ce produit peut vous exposer au cobalt et/ou nickel, lesquels sont reconnus cancérogènes par l'État de Californie. Pour plus d'informations, se référer à

IT: AVVERTENZA! Pericolo di polveri e nebbie: se il prodotto viene lavorato, utilizzare un respiratore idoneo , poiché l'inalazione di queste polveri/nebbie potrebbero causare lesioni gravi (malattie respiratorie permanenti) o il decesso.

Pericolo di frammentazione volatile : il prodotto potrebbe frantumarsi e causare lesioni. Usare i dispositivi di protezione individuale. Leggere attentamente le informazioni sulla sicurezza che sono reperibili sul nostro sito web.

AVVERTENZA: Questo prodotto può esporre l'operatore a cobalto e/o nichel, che sono noti allo Stato della California come causa di cancro. Per maggiori informazioni visita il sito

ZH: 警告! 粉尘和尘雾危害:在产品的成型过程中,由于吸入粉尘/尘雾将会导致严重损伤或死亡(永久性呼吸道疾病),请务必佩戴经过批准的口罩。


警告: 此产品会使人接触到钴和(或)镍,其已被美国加利福尼亚州认定为已知的致癌物。更多信息请参阅

JA: 警告!粉塵や噴霧の危険性:粉塵/噴霧を吸い込むことにより、重篤な傷害や死亡(永続的な呼吸器疾患)にいたる場合があります。製品を研削加工する際には、認可された呼吸用保護マスクを使用してください。



警告: 米国カリフォルニア州によりますとコバルトまたはニッケルには発がん性があるとされています。本製品にはこのコバルト又はニッケルが含有され、使用時に暴露する可能性がります。詳しい情報については、へアクセスしてください。

PT: ATENÇÃO! Perigo com poeira e névoa: Ao moldar o produto, utilize máscara de proteção aprovada pois a inalação de poeira/névoa pode causar lesão grave (doença respiratória permanente) ou morte. Perigo de estilhaços: o produto pode se fragmentar e os estilhaços podem causar ferimento. Use equipamento de proteção individual. Leia as informações de segurança em nosso site.

ATENÇÃO: Este produto pode expor voce ao Cobalto e/ou Niquel, os quais são reconhecidos pelo estado da California por causar cancer. Para mais informações acesse

RU: ОСТОРОЖНО! Опасность воздействия пыли и мелких фракций в виде тумана: при работе с продуктом, используйте утвержденный респиратор, поскольку вдыхание частиц пыли/тумана может привести к серьезным или смертельным травмам (хронические респираторные заболевания).

Опасность распространения фрагмента: при разрушении продукта возможно причинение вреда здоровью. Используйте средства индивидуальной защиты. Ознакомьтесь с информацией по безопасности на нашем сайте.

ОСТОРОЖНО: Продукт содержит кобальт и/или никель, данные вещества классифицированы в соответствии с законодательством штата Калифорнии как канцерогенные. Дополнительная информация представлена на сайте