Niagara Cutter to Show Latest Rotating Carbide Tools for Specific Operations at IMTS

At IMTS, Niagara Cutter exhibited a diverse selection of rotating carbide tools engineered to maximize productivity in specific materials and operations. Included was the S738 and S938 multi-flute solid carbide end mills for titanium and other challenging materials; MZN 410R and 510R high-feed solid carbide end mills aimed at moldmaking operations; and NS240R solid carbide long-flute finishing end mills for peripheral finish milling involving long axial engagement. Niagara Cutter, a wholly owned subsidiary of Seco Tools, LLC., showed the tools in Seco’s booth W-1564.

Engineered for high-speed milling operations in titanium and other challenging materials, the seven-flute S738/S738R and nine-flute S938/S938R solid carbide end mills from Niagara Cutter feature unequal flute spacing that reduces vibrations and produces excellent surface finish. The seven-flute cutters are available in diameters ranging from 0.25" to 0.5", while the nine-flute cutters are between 0.625" and 1" in diameter. Aerospace corner radii and AlTiN coating are standard.

Niagara Cutter MZN 410R and 510R solid carbide end mills provide high-feed machining capability to reduce cycle times in moldmaking operations on hardened steels, cast irons and super alloys. The tools transfer cutting forces axially into the machine tool spindle, allowing mold shops to use lighter-duty machines to achieve results comparable to those from larger machines. The cutters also generate less cutting tool pressure than ball nose or round inserted tools, improving access to smaller corner radii on mold cavity floors and sidewalls.

Niagara Cutter NS240R long-flute finishing end mills offer enhanced rigidity to produce high tolerance, straight walls in deep pockets while maintaining high quality surface finish. With a 5xD depth of cut as standard, the tools can also reduce cycle time by allowing one-pass machining in square-shoulder milling operations. Typical applications include peripheral finish milling of aerospace parts requiring long axial engagement in materials such as titanium, stainless steels and super alloys.