New Niagara Cutter End Mills Advance High-Speed and Peel Milling Strategies

Niagara Cutter, a subsidiary of Seco Tools, LLC, has expanded its line of multi-flute end mills for high-speed milling applications and peel milling strategies with the new S638 and S638R six-flute tools.

The S638 and S638R complete the company’s family of multi-flute end mills by being able to take larger radial depths of cut as compared with the seven- and nine-flute tools in the line. The end result being higher metal removal rates, reduced cycle times and increased throughput.

An AlTiN coating allows these end mills to achieve long, predictable tool life in milling applications that involve high temperatures and abrasive workpiece materials, such as titanium and pH stainless steels. The eccentric O.D. relief on the S638 and S638R also adds to increased tool life by providing a stronger cutting edge. Furthermore, the variable indexing on these end mills reduces harmonics for smooth cutting and high surface finishes.

Diameters for the S638 and S638R range from 0.375" to 1" with up to 2.5 times the diameter of flute length. These tools also feature common aerospace radii and a dead sharp option. An application example for these end mills might include the processing of wing spars from large titanium castings.