Company Information

Purpose & Mission

Niagara Cutter, LLC is a leader in cutting tool technology. The corporate purpose of Niagara Cutter is to provide solutions that meet or exceed our customer requirements in the metalworking industry. To satisfy the customer requirement, Niagara Cutter must provide the highest quality standard and special cutting tools. These products must offer both productivity and value to our customers.


Productivity at the customer spindle is achieved through optimum cutting tool designs, tool coatings, and field application support. Value is achieved through efficient manufacturing processes at Niagara Cutter to provide top quality products at competitive prices. The delivery of these products and services must be done in a prompt manner.


The mission of Niagara Cutter is to continually improve all functions in the organization. Continuous improvement will allow Niagara Cutter to respond to new product and market requirements, and continue to provide increasing productivity and value to our customers.