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Get Virtual Support from Seco Tools

Applications such as the Seco Assistant, Solid Milling app, and Suggest allow you to search for multiple solutions and products. Whether you're looking to speak to one of our team members or you prefer to have access to the information on demand, these options give you the freedom to find the type of support that best fits your needs.

Reach out to your local Seco representative to get started or use one of our self-service support options. Find your local Seco Tools representative by emailing

Seco Assistant App

Keep current data on our over 30,000 standard products in your pocket or on the go by downloading our Seco Assistant app. Utilize offline features such as machining calculators and easy access product details by scanning product packaging.

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Solid Milling App

Explore our solid milling product offering and find comprehensive speed and feed information for some of our most popular Niagara Cutter™ and select Jabro® products, as well as an rpm optimizer to maximize tool life and surface finish quality. Plus, scan tool packaging to pull up product information.

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Find the right tool and cutting parameters for your needs with Suggest. Suggest takes you a step further in your tooling research by providing you with information to help you utilize the tools in your shop to the full potential based on the application. Suggest can be used on our website to quickly and easily find and purchase the solution you're looking for.

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Get Technical Support

For application and technical support questions, our dedicated staff will assist you with applying the theory, formulas, and the latest information in metal cutting technology and techniques. Our goal is to ensure that you are achieving the highest possible productivity and lowest cost from your metal cutting operations.

Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. EST
1-800-Tec-Team (1-800-832-8326)