Company Information

Identity & Logos


The Niagara Cutter corporate signature consists of two elements: the Niagara Cutter logo (or symbol) and the logotype. The logo is a stylized representation of cutting edges based on the shapes of many of Niagara Cutters products. The logotype is a customized adaption of Serpentine Bold that projects a progressive but strong image.


The logo symbol and typeface should never be sized as independent elements. The corporate signature consists of both elements and should always be used in a consistent proportion of scale. The signature can be utilized as black and white or in full 4/color. RGB color digitized files of the corporate signature can be downloaded below. The logo file is available as an EPS file or 300 dpi JPEG.


When reproducing the Niagara Cutter corporate signature as a black and white or 4/color positive image, the consistent use of the drop shadow is important. When reproducing the Niagara Cutter corporate signature as a black and white image, use the lightened logo symbol version to reverse out of a solid black background. When reproducing the signature in 4/color, The typeface can be reversed out of the background, but the logo symbol should always be reproduced as a positive image. The drop shadow is unnecessary in a reversed version of the signature.


The integrity of the Niagara Cutter identity must be protected, and care should be exercised to ensure that the corporate signature be used in a consistent and proper manner. If you have a question about the proper reproduction of the Niagara Cutter signature, please contact the Niagara Cutter corporate marketing department.