Company Information

General Information

A wholly owned subsidiary of Seco Tools, LLC, Niagara Cutter has been a trusted provider of high-performance, high-value solid tooling to the aircraft, power generation and general metalworking industries since 1954. Made to accommodate all types of workpiece materials and cutting parameters, the company’s vast product selection comprises solid-carbide, cobalt, and diamond-coated end mills as well as solid carbide multi-purpose thread milling solutions.

Core Technologies of Niagara Cutter

  • Application and Design Technology related to Milling
  • Machining, Heat Treat and Grinding Technology used to Manufacture Cutting Tools
  • Cleaning and Tool Preparation Technology related to Cutting Tools
  • Vacuum Technology in PVD Thin Film Coatings related to Cutting Tools

Management System Certifications

Global ISO 9001:2015

Global ISO 14001:2015

Global ISO 45001:2018