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A337 End Mills Deliver 300% or Greater Metal Removal Rates


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Productivity is the most important objective for industry today. For metalworking, it means more aggressive feeds and speeds, reducing cycle time, and lowering tool costs. Niagara Cutter has responded to this demand with the development of the A337, a line of high performance end mills designed to provide optimal performance for the demanding requirements of milling Aluminum and other Non-Ferrous metal. Niagara Cutter has engineered a unique flute design and high performance geometries into a single tool. This new design allows for higher feed-per-tooth rates and greater productivity. In addition, the eccentric O.D. relief helps reduce horizontal milling lines and keeps chatter and annoying squeal to a minimum.

All Niagara High Speed Steel end mills have an engineered flute shape designed for maximum rigidity, maximum chip space, and maximum consistency beyond traditional manufactured designs. Along with this, they are all designed to meet the National Aerospace Standard NAS986 specification.